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Our Best Non - Comphershansive changes for less than 5 yr old machine

Yash Solution Pricing

999 Rs

  • Window Ac
  • 1.0 to 2.0 ton
  • 1 year

1499 Rs

  • Split Ac
  • 0.8 to 2.0 ton
  • 1 year

1499 + 500 / ton Rs.

  • Split Ac
  • Utto to 2.0 ton
  • 1 year

Terms and Condtion

  • Amc will cover waver of visitng charges and 3 routine serives during the period contract
  • In case of Non - Comprenhensive AMC if any spare required for repairing of the product ater receving breakdown complains, Company will provide same on chargeable basis.
  • Any charge of address must be notify by the customer in advance.
  • The company shall be under no obligation to provide repair/service because of imporer use,Unauthorized alertation modification of any part or Sr.No The machine is alerted,defase or removed, abnormal voltage fluctuation, neglet,acts of goods like floods, lightening,earthquakes, etc.If our service are required as the result of cases state aboved,Such service shell at extra charge.
  • While ever effort shall be made to give preferential attention to emergency breakdown of the equipment, the company shall not be resposible for any loss arising.
  • In case the customer wants to cancel the contract before the complation of the contract period, there shall be no refund of the charge for unexpired period.
  • The contract is not transferable in event of resale / gift to any person and no refund should be given.
  • The euipment bought to the service center will remain there at customer need and company will not be reponsible for any damages cause due to the factors beyond its control
  • Transportation for taking appliance to Authorized Service Center for repair shall be born by the customer as per the applicable rates.
  • Damage to the product or any part due to the Transportation / Shifting is not covered under this contract.
  • Acceptance / Renewal of AMC after expiry of the contract shall be at discretion of the company.
  • All disputes are subject to Udaipur Jurisdiction.
  • Half payment are to be made in advance and next half in two quaterly on next service.


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